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Comprehensive range of COVID services including testing and check-ups, as well as Return to Work and Travel services

We offer a comprehensive range of COVID-19 services including validated and reliable Antigen & Antibody Tests, Return to Work Services, COVID-19 Certificate for International Travel or a Post-COVID Check-Up.


We offer COVID-19 PCR Swab Testing to determine whether you may or may not currently have Sars Cov-2- COVID-19. If you have no symptoms we carry this out in our clinic. If you have symptoms, this can be done at home. The swab is sent to a validated UK laboratory for testing. Once the results are in, one of our Doctors will be in touch to discuss the results with you.

Your PCR swab test result will allow you to make informed decisions about self-isolating to protect your family, colleagues and others from the COVID virus. If you think you may have had COVID-19 in the past, then our antibody test may give you a more useful result.

PCR swab results are typically available within 24 hours, but this depends on the demands on the laboratory that day and can take up to 72 hours.


Choosing the most accurate, reliable test for our patients has been our priority, so we’re delighted to announce that we are now offering the Abbott COVID 19 Antibody Test. This laboratory-based antibody test is proven to be 99% accurate and approved for use by Public Health England. This test helps detect the IgG antibody to SARS-CoV-2 and can determine if you have antibodies as a result of having had the virus. 

Producing antibodies after an infection takes time, so the test is best taken 14 to 21 days after you start experiencing symptoms. The test is carried out in clinic, where we will take a blood sample from the arm which will then be sent to our laboratory to be tested in a controlled, sterile environment.


We now deliver medication from our pharmacy directly to our patients’ homes or places of work, meaning patients are able to avoid unnecessary visits to the clinic. This is particularly important for those who are shielding.

A new prescription can be organised by arranging a virtual consultation with one of our GPs to discuss your concerns and receive a diagnosis.

We can then either send you your prescription or have your medication delivered to your door.


If you are unable to attend the clinic, most blood tests can be arranged at home by Chelsea Medics for your convenience. A phlebotomist will arrive at your home by appointment on a day and time to suit you. They will draw blood samples that will immediately be sent to our partner laboratory for analysis.

We can also do at-home PCR Swab Tests for COVID infections. Our courier brings the test to your home and waits while you do the swab. It is then taken immediately to the lab for testing. This can be organised on the same day and results are available within 48 hours.


Our practice can offer a wide range of COVID services for both employers and employees. This includes testing for both the virus and antibodies as we return to a more normal working environment, guidance on the latest medical updates and advice on social distancing in the workplace. Consultations with our Doctors can be via video, telephone or face-to-face in the clinic. Get in touch to find out more about our bespoke COVID Return to Work Services.


Restrictions on international travel are gradually being lifted, but many countries require a medical certificate showing a negative COVID 19 test result, either to enter the country or to avoid the need to quarantine for a specified isolation period. Please check the requirements specific for your destination, particularly in relation to how soon before departure the test must be taken. Our turnaround on a COVID 19 test result and Fitness for Travel certificate is within 72 hours (Monday to Friday).

Healthcare Services

Private GP and Medical Services - Providing comprehensive advice, treatment and care

COVID 19 Swab & Antibody Testing

We offer both the Virus and Antibody Tests and have chosen the most accurate and validated tests available; the COVID19 PCR Swab test determines whether you currently have Coronavirus and the Abbott COVID 19 Antibody Test detects the IgG antibody to SARS-CoV-2 and can determine if you have antibodies as a result of having had the virus. 


Post-COVID Medical Check-Ups

COVID 19 can affect the body in many different ways and the long-term health implications are not yet fully known. We are also now offering Post-COVID 19 Check-Ups that can measure blood cell levels, the function of your liver, heart and kidneys and your general health and wellbeing. 


Children’s Health

Annual paediatric health checks, development checks, immunisations (Meningitis vaccine, Chickenpox vaccine) and acute and long term medical and surgical needs and referral to a paediatrician


Adolescent Health

Annual youth assessment including nutrition, sports health checks, hormonal and all aspects of mental health including effects of social media, depression and anxiety


Women’s Health

Regular gynaecology screening, cervical smears, mammograms, bone density scan, ovarian tumour markers, menopause management (perimenopause, bio-identical hormones, HRT) and antenatal care.


Men’s Health

Annual wellman medicals looking at all aspects of men’s health including cardiovascular risk assessment, cancer screening including testicular and prostate, and stress assessment and management and sports health optimisation

Sports Medicine

Management of common sports injuries, access to expert physio and rehab with radiological assessment and treatment.


Medical Health Screening

Bespoke health screenings enable us to detect any health issues early, particularly breast cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and cardiovascular disease. Executive health checks.


Referrals to Consultant Specialists

Personal individualised referrals, rapid access to renowned high-calibre consultants, who we personally know. Arrangement of second opinions.

On site radiology

On site radiology for rapid assessments including ultrasound, x-rays and CT scans.


On the spot testing

On the spot blood tests, imaging and ECG.


For Adults and Children following UK and American guidelines.

Sexual health

We organise full and comprehensive Sexual Health Screening.

Corporate and film

We provide our services for several businesses and film studios.


We organise Rapid Referrals for acute assessment and admissions with renowned specialists as appropriate.

Home and Hotel visits

We offer home visits in our opening hours and visit hotel guests as requested.

Travel advice and vaccinations

We offer detailed travel consultations and travel vaccinations plus the latest health advice on travel to high-risk destinations. We are a designated yellow fever centre.

Blood Tests

Fast track blood test results.

DNA Testing

Genetic testing packages for health, diet and fitness and personalised medicine.

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