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Healthcare Services

Private GP and Medical Services - Providing comprehensive advice, treatment and care

Children’s Health

Annual paediatric health checks, development checks, immunisations (Meningitis vaccine, Chickenpox vaccine) and acute and long term medical and surgical needs and referral to a paediatrician


Adolescent Health

Immunisations, annual youth checks, puberty, teenage mental well being.

Women’s Health

Regular gynaecology screening, cervical smears, mammograms, bone density scan, ovarian tumour markers, menopause management (perimenopause, bio-identical hormones, HRT) and antenatal care.


Men’s Health

Screening, prostate, well being, fully integrated approach to healthcare, cardiovascular assessments including ECG.


Sports Medicine

Management common sports injuries, access to expert physio and rehab with radiological assessment and treatment.


Medical Health Screening

Bespoke health screenings enable us to detect any health issues early, particularly breast cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and cardiovascular disease. Executive health checks.


Referrals to Consultant Specialists

Personal individualised referrals, rapid access to renown high-calibre consultants, who we personally know. Arrangement of second opinions.

On site radiology

On site radiology for rapid assessments including ultrasound xrays and CT scans.


On the spot testing

On the spot blood tests, imaging and ECG.


For Adults and Children following UK and American guidelines.

Sexual health

We organise full and comprehensive Sexual Health Screening.

Corporate and film

We provide our services for several businesses and film studios.


We organise Rapid Referrals for acute assessment and administrations with renowned specialists as appropriate.

Home and Hotel visits

We offer home visits in our opening hours and visit hotel guests as requested.

Travel advice and vaccinations

Offer a range of travel vaccinations and advice for all overseas destinations, plus up-to-the minute health information about high-risk destinations.

Blood Tests

Fast track blood test results.

Patient Access

You can access your results, make appointments and get prescriptions all in one place.


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